Zachary M. Ferro

Kyle Knittle

Mitch Liddick

Joshua Braden

Positive Influence

Positive Influenceš is described to be a new type of lyrical/instrumental collaboration between members:
Zachary M. Ferro - CEO, Producer, Lyricist, Engineer
Kyle Knittle - Lyricist, Instrumentalist, Manager
Mitch Liddick - Professional Dancer, Advertiser
Joshua Braden - Instrumentalist, Chorus Singer

The genre is a mixture of hip/hop, rock, dubstep, jazz, and r&b.
The music created is oriented to deliver a higher outlook to life and to help listeners approach negatives in a different manner.
Music from Positive Influenceš has an encouraging message with a fun feel, moderately serious yet down to earth, always seeking the positives even if caught in a downward spiral of the modern world's weight.

Hope and faith has combined in this music to deliver an expirience that will be forever on changing, on-going, and never ending.
Life was here long before we came, and it shouldn't be because of human kind, that life will seize to exist when we are through.

Live Positive Influence, change your outlook.